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Epoxy Painting

The glass beads are applied at a rate of up to 25 pounds per gallon to insure the distribution of beads and guarantee the line to be reflective throughout the application.

One of the durable liquid pavement markings offered by Union Line Painting is Epoxy Painting. This is a 2-part pavement marking system (2 volumes of resin to 1 volume of hardener) that is normally applied at a rate of 15 to 20 mils depending on the customer's preference. It is a marking that can last over 3 years in many areas and can be applied to both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Some surface preparation, such as cleaning of curing compound or dirt, is typically needed to apply the markings on concrete. However, very little surface preparation is required when striping epoxy on blacktop. In fact, epoxy can be striped directly over paint when temporary or "ghost" lines are required.