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Line Painting

Walk-Behind (Short Line)

Due to the fact that they are easily manoeuvred,

Union Line Painting utilizes a number of walk-behind stripers to paint crosswalks, stop bars and legends (i.e. “Directional Arrows”, "Only" and "School") They are also used to paint all types of markings in parking lots, such as parking spaces, handicapped spaces to meet CRD standards, curbing,  light standards,  or any other customer requirements.

Paint Truck (Long Line)

The application of waterborne paint with glass beads is the most commonly used marking in the industry. Glass beads are applied immediately after the paint is sprayed to enhance reflectivity. This is the most economical method, and can continually be applied over paint without the need of pavement marking removal.

Tom Pennington

Union Line Painting  performs both prime contract and sub-contract work, and has been the choice of many general contractors throughout  Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

We stripe millions of linear feet of lines per year in Western Canada.