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Pavement Marking Removal

The removal of existing pavement markings is required for a number of reasons. Two of the most common are when traffic patterns need to be changed to accommodate work zones, and when markings are removed to install additional travel lanes or turn lanes where developments or retail stores are built.

Union Line Painting contracts 4 different types of pavement marking removal to ensure that whatever type of eradication is required will be done.

1) Hydro Blasting 

  • This the very best in paint removal

2) Sand Blaster 

  • These trucks are equipped with a 2000 lb. sandblasting pot and a 375 CFM air compressor.

3) Riding Grinder 

  • This is a one-person operation. It comes with specially designed cutter heads and adjustment tension system for accurate depth control. This machine is ideal for removing large quantities of pavement markings and a vacuum can be attached to clean the road surface so that striping can be done immediately behind the grinder.

4) Walk Behind Grinder 

  • This is the simplest form of removal. These machines are easily manoeuvred and can remove both small and large quantities. This one-person operation is most commonly used in confined spaces with many vehicle movements.