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Thermoplastic Applications and Stencils

Preformed Thermoplastic

Preformed thermoplastic is simple to use, which allows even the most inexperienced workers to install. The material is pre-cut to desired widths (all are cut in 3 foot lengths) or required legends. It can be ordered in 90 or 125 mils, and glass beads are distributed throughout the marking.

This application is ideal for intersection markings when the customer requires preformed markings. A heat gun and basic layout tools are all that are required to apply these markings.

Hot Thermoplastic

Hot thermoplastic is a material that is supplied in 50 lb. thermo degradable bags or pre-melted solid blocks in cardboard boxes. The material is heated between 400-440 degrees Fahrenheit and is either sprayed or applied by the screed/extrusion method using specially equipped applicators.

Thermoplastic is normally applied between 60-125 mils and is ideal for long lines or intersection markings on new blacktop. A specially formulated thermoplastic, known as "Aggressive Bond Thermoplastic," has been designed so that it can be installed on new concrete, old concrete or aged asphalt with some surface preparation. Other than the surface preparation, the material is applied in the exact manner as the hot thermoplastic.

No matter the application, thermoplastic can last over 3 years, and due to the fact that glass beads are distributed throughout the line, the reflectivity should be present for the life of the marking. Also, when the lines or legends do need to be re-striped, hot thermoplastic can be applied directly over the existing markings.

We  engrave  custom thermo plastic for commercial and residential installation. Our thermoplastic comes in many colors, symbols and sizes