Stencil King is in the business of manufacturing and selling top quality stencils, made in Canada, since 1971. The range of our stencil products is extensive and includes Letter Stencils, Parking Lot Stencils, Playground Stencils and Custom Stencils. Our customers range from large cities and schools to small business and home designers. Basically, anywhere you see paint designs on pavement, walls or any surface; you can be sure our fine products have been used. We maintain a large stock and efficient logistics structure to ensure that your order is shipped quickly.

Some of our Services:

Line Striping
Line Marking
Fire Lanes
Seal Coating
Traffic Signage
Line Removal
Parking Stencil Kits
Parking lot stripping
Handicap Stencils
Parking Lot Number Stencils
Plastic Stencils
Arrow Stencils